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“In the End, the Truth will be told”
Jesus Christ

Author Marc Mouton Bio:  “By day, Marc Mouton makes a living as a Solar Sales Engineer in New Orleans, Louisiana. But his passion is his creative endeavors through his 501(c)3 non-profit LifeForce Christian Foundation that mentors to talented teens within the Gulf Coast region.


Through his own LifeForce Entertainment production company, Marc is an Award-Winning Writer, Producer, Director and Songwriter.


His professional credits include "Teen Musical - The Movie," "Teen Musical Behind-the-Scenes Documentary," "One Star Rising" and the soon to be the movie version of "The Jesus DNA."


The Jesus DNA is his inaugural novel and is the first in the Zach Dorsey Series to be followed by "The Holy Grail" in 2023, "Ark of the Covenant" in 2024, "Invictus Legacy" in 2025, and "Apocalypse Rising" in 2026.”

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